Security Discreet Packaging is our main priority. We therefore do our utmost to ensure that after purchasing from us no issues arise for all our clients. We understand that in many states and countries Marijuana is not totally legal, so we always package it 100% in a discreet way to make sure your order arrives without a problem in your destination.


For every delivery no SIGN is required. Security is extremely essential for our customers.


We wrap the item in secured packages with double air sealing, so that you get it, like the brand new electronic product package.


We deliver highly discreet, secure and safe domestic and worldwide transport, and our clients ensure 100% that their delivery will be made easily in your country’s laws.





Staining Package and Stealth Package on all orders so that you cannot detect fragrance by canine (sniffers) or digital sniffers; we may provide evidence of delivery and reimbursement if you wish to buy.


Substances are wrapped professionally in oily material, no smell, no x-ray penetration, and even with an ION scanner cannot be identified. The customer gets items as if they received a freshly purchased product of and iPhone or X-box box.


We also ship tailored packaging to avoid all custom controls (embassy closed). A bud comes in tiny parcels to prevent cracking. A blank box can be sent too many concentrates like jam or green crystal. This envelope is sent by direct mail.


Payment methods


BITCOIN ESCROW- There, you charge for your control using a third party framework. The fee is only transfered to us when you verify that your order has been issued. Only Bitcoin compensation is there.


DIRECT BANK TRANSFER- Direct bank transactions are allowed. You just need to position your order and we will provide you with the details you want.


PAYPAL – To most people like us, PayPal is the preferred method of electronic payment. Through taking your information from time to time and using it to make payments to other people, you authorize PayPal to guarantee safe transaction over the internet through your credit card or bank account.


CREDIT CARD- We accept payments only via MasterCard or VISA card.


WESTERN UNOIN – Payment through Western Union you can either make the transfer money or do it digitally through your mobile at any Western Union place.


BITCOINS – Choose this path and my automated system will grant you a single wallet address if you are a experienced Bitcoin client. After you send your request, you will obtain your email and bitcoin number. If you’re not having bitcoins you can buy on https:/, you can only use your MasterCard and Visa card.


We accept nearly every type of payment so that you can pay from the following means:


Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, Amazon Gift cards, Google Pay, Direct Bank Transfer, Net Banking, Debit Cards, or Credit Cards

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