How to Order

Check our menu and select the items you would like, Marijuana, Hash Öil, Weed Wax, Cannabis Seeds, Pre-rolling joints and other cannabis products, of the very best value! Browse through our Catalogue for more!


Once you get all required products in your shopping cart and you are prepared to checkout, press the icon of the shopping cart (top right of your display) and you will be redirected to the display cart section. Click on the icon to add a product to the picture.


Shipping Option – You must choose from a standard Express shipment (3 days delivery) or overnight shipping (Next Day Delivery) chicken to continue with checkout after having attached the required product to your cart.


When you are ready to click on the Green Order button, you will see the order number and instructions on how to send the Wired or Bitcoin. You can choose between Bitcoin and Wire Transfer (MoneyGram, Western Union, Walmart to Walmart, Bitcoin). Only after the order is obtained, orders are placed or delivered.


Delivery Tracking – Your request is handled and shipped on the same day once we verify and retrieve your e-transferor bitcoin if the request is deposited prior to 3:00pm, or the day after. As quickly as possible, we will mail your USPS monitoring amount.

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